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The Primary Goal
To enable leaders to be able to promote organizational performance and innovation using the network perspective.

Who Should Attend?
Participants will include:

  • Executives and their line managers who are seeking to improve performance and innovation within their units

  • Information technologists who are interested in promoting the effective information flow throughout the organization

  • Human resource specialists who are able to support individual and their organizational effectiveness

  • Internal / external consultants appointed with improving organizational performance

The Benefits of Attendance
The network perspective greatly enhances the organizational performance by providing their leaders with a vision of how work is or is not happening in their strategically important divisions. This approach provides a powerful means of:

  • Improving performance of key functions or business units

  • Promoting innovation in new product development and R&D

  • Developing a more effective and adaptable work force

  • Assessing effectiveness of strategic partnerships and alliances

  • Ensuring appropriate integration of networks underlying core capabilities and processes

  • Improving top leadership team effectiveness

  • Ensuring integration post-merger, acquisition, or large-scale change

  • Developing communities of practice

Program Overview
The conference will offer two tracks covering critical ways that a network perspective can promote organizational excellence. Topics will include:

  • Strategy and Innovation: Managing external connectivity (e.g. alliances), designing networks that deliver specific value propositions, managing connectivity with customers, supporting a distributed workforce, and driving innovation and change processes through networks

  • Leadership and Organizational Development: Human resource practices promoting collaboration, communities of practice for development and strategy execution, leadership development, relational views of employee motivation/engagement, and career development

Each session will open with an expert describing current practices and future directions in that specific field. They will then transition to an executive (CIO/CTO/CLO/CKO) that is currently addressing these issues. The result: a forward looking and practical view of the critical role networks play in organizations.

For more information
For more information, please contact Jennifer Hicks.


Hear about the critical role of networks in today's organizations from such thought leaders as:

Wayne Baker
Tom Davenport
Ranjay Gulatti
Larry Prusak
Etienne Wenger

...and many more pioneers in this field.

In each session, also hear from high-level executives regarding how they are applying these ideas in firms such as:

Boston Consulting Group
British Petroleum
Mars, Inc.
United Technologies
The World Bank

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